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Why We Built This

Tasty, nutrient-rich peppers, greens, tomatoes and more is only part of our reason for being.

Jenna Bell, PhD, RD

SVP of Nutritional Science for Sensei Ag

Sensei Farms grows food that people want to eat. By design, we deliver the freshest, tastiest produce so that people can experience fruits and veggies at their best. Growing beautiful, delicious peppers, greens, tomatoes and more is only part of our reason for being. As a part of Sensei Ag, Sensei Farms works every day to address the gaps in nutrition, food security and sustainable agriculture. We want communities to have access to fresh and healthy options from a farm that preserves natural resources and optimizes from seed all the way to sandwich (or salad, smoothie, soup, sauce, etc.). Thus, Sensei Farms was built to leverage plant and nutritional science and innovative analytics to provide the highest level of nutrition in a way that supports the clean air, water, resources, people and planet. All of this helped us establish the ultimate feedback loop between agriculture, technology, human health and eating. Oh, and the gold standard for delicious.

Sensei Farms - Lettuce
Sensei Farms - Lettuce

Sensei Farms Lettuce House on the island of Lāna'i, Hawaii

Built on Benefits

The list of benefits to the Sensei method of farming are many. Every day we work to grow and learn. To help you get to know us, here are five ways our farm shines:

  1. We grow in water (but not much water). Traditional farming relies on soil content and integrity to deliver nutrition to crops. Our plants rely on a hydroponic system for their nutrients. This precise way of farming allows us to be confident that the delicious produce delivers taste and topnotch nutrition.
  2. Seriously, we don’t use much water. We don’t need to water our plants like traditional farms do. That means we use significantly less water (like 90% less!).
  3. Not susceptible to typical farming issues. By being indoors and growing without soil, we eliminate the risk of environmental and soil-borne contamination. We also avoid weather-related interferences.
  4. Picked just in time. We monitor plant quality and nutrients to determine when is the perfect time to harvest. Once we determine peak perfection, we deliver it. That means it’ll last longer in your fridge – less food waste – YAY!
  5. Quick trip. When it comes to fresh food, wear and tear (and other environmental variations) can adversely impact nutritional value and quality. We reduce this risk by delivering locally and carefully.
  6. The proof is in the pudding. Or the salad? The salsa? Gazpacho? For more “proof”, visit our recipe section.

Featuring our Sensei Gazpacho and Sensei Salad Recipes