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A punch of pepper and bite of wasabi for simmering, tossing or topping. Your best day ever.

The Arugula Experience

You have high standards. So do we. You expect a punch of pepper from your Arugula. So do we. But did you see a pinch of wasabi coming? We did. Can you imagine the surprise when you serve a lovely piece of fish, a Sunday brunch or a simple side salad with a burst of flavor? It’s not for the faint of heart and we grew it like that on purpose.

We planted the right seeds, nourished them with precision and picked at exactly the right time so that our Arugula would be a mouthful of delight and dish of good nutrition. Arugula adds antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals to support whole-body wellness with very few calories.

Nourish by Numbers

*% Daily Value (DV) based on 100 grams, Standard Reference Legacy data. U.S. Department of Agriculture fdc.nal.usda.gov.

17% DV

Vitamin C

Boost your immune system with Vitamin C from leafy greens

24% DV


Folate is a B-vitamin that helps your body make healthy new cells

90% DV

Vitamin K

Improve blood flow and bone health with Vitamin K

1.6 Gram


Maintain a healthy digestive system with the fiber found in our leafy greens

Guide to our Garden

The food at Sensei Farms is carefully cultivated by a team of modern farmers. We balance technology with traditional farming values to masterfully grow high quality produce. As stewards of people and planet, we analyze our process and perfect our trade with each crop. We mindfully plant, pick and deliver so that every bite is surprisingly bright, refreshing, flavorful, and packed with nutrients. Our farm is rooted in the conviction that we can grow food that travels fewer miles, uses less resources, last longer and always tastes amazing. We farm food that people want to eat.