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Living Butter Lettuce

Organic, fresh, tender, and slightly sweet
Butter leaf makes everything better

Farm To Table Freshness

Love at first bite.  Call us hopelessly romantic, but we’re simply obsessed with our Living Butter Lettuce. Just one undeniably fresh, tender, and buttery bite, and you too will be smitten.  Enjoy this picked-at-its-peak gem one leaf at a time or the entire beauty at once.  Prepare to fall in love with sweet, melt in your mouth buttery deliciousness that leaves you dreaming of sweet spring days and dining al fresco until the sun sets.

Each head of Living Butter Lettuce delivers impressive shelf-life and shines as a salad, wrap, or “un-wich.”  Enjoy freshness and flavor along with a boost of carotenoids for eye and brain health and antioxidants to support wellness and immune function.

Nourish by Numbers

*% Daily Value (DV) based on 100 grams, Standard Reference Legacy data. U.S. Department of Agriculture fdc.nal.usda.gov.

18% DV

Vitamin A

Our leafy greens have lots of Vitamin A for your eyes, skin and immune system

85% DV

Vitamin K

Improve blood flow and bone health with Vitamin K

18% DV


Folate is a B-vitamin that helps your body make healthy new cells

1.1 Grams


Maintain a healthy digestive system with the fiber found in our leafy greens

Guide to our Garden

The food at Sensei Farms is carefully cultivated by a team of modern farmers. We balance technology with traditional farming values to masterfully grow high quality produce. As stewards of people and planet, we analyze our process and perfect our trade with each crop. We mindfully plant, pick and deliver so that every bite is surprisingly bright, refreshing, flavorful, and packed with nutrients. Our farm is rooted in the conviction that we can grow food that travels fewer miles, uses less resources, last longer and always tastes amazing. We farm food that people want to eat.