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Chili Pepper Water

Found in kitchens and restaurants throughout the Hawaiian Islands, this ubiquitous garlic-spiked condiment features the small native chili, also known as Bird’s Beak, which packs a powerful and flavorful punch. Our version is bold and beautiful and not for the faint of heart but feel free to adjust to your liking!  

Taylor Pelton

Culinary Solutions


about 2 1/2 cups

Prep Time

10 minutes

Total Time

25 minutes





Step 1

Coarsely mash the garlic, chilis, and salt with a mortar and pestle or chop by hand. Transfer the mixture to a clean sterilized glass jar or bottle. 


Step 2

Bring the water and vinegar to a boil and then pour over the garlic and chili mixture in the jar. Allow to cool fully then transfer to the refrigerator. The longer the chili pepper sits the better it gets, and it will keep in the refrigerator indefinitely. 

Nutrition per serving: