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Fresh Spring Rolls with Baked Tofu and Herbs

Baked tofu, sweet butter leaf lettuce, and a handful of refreshing herbs make these classic spring rolls simple to make and especially satisfying served with sweet and spicy chili and hoisin peanut sauces.

Taylor Pelton

Culinary Solutions


8 spring rolls

Prep Time

15 minutes

Total Time

30 minutes



For the spring rolls: 


For the dipping sauce: 


To serve: 



Step 1 

To assemble spring rolls dip rice wrapper in a bowl of cold water until pliable (15 to 30 seconds) then lay out on a damp tea towel. Layer tofu, cucumber, herbs, lettuce, and noodles neatly in the center of the wrapper. Bring the wrapper’s bottom edge up and over the filling and then carefully fold in the sides and roll tightly. If your wrapper tears, simply soak another wrapper until pliable and double wrap.  


Step 2 

For the dipping sauce combine the sugar, water, salt, chili, and garlic in a small pot and bring to a boil then remove from the heat and let cool. Once cool, stir in the fresh lime juice and fish sauce (if using).  


Step 3 

Prepare a ramekin of hoisin sauce and top with the chopped peanuts (if using). Serve spring rolls immediately and enjoy both sauces as desired. 

Nutrition per serving: