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Hawaiian Boiled Peanuts with Basil and Hot Chili

Raw peanuts get pressure cooked with a bouquet of beautiful island aromatics, including our Hawaiian hot chilis and fragrant basil, for an irresistible snack served hot or cold.

Taylor Pelton

Culinary Solutions

Serving Size

about 8 to 10 servings

Prep Time

5 minutes

Total Time

1 hour, 10 minutes





Step 1 

Sift through peanuts and remove any debris then rinse thoroughly.


Step 2 

Place all ingredients in the pot of a pressure cooker and cover with water. Weigh down peanuts with oven safe plate or container. Lock pressure cooker lid and set to cook on high for 65 minutes.  


Step 3 

Safely release steam valve and allow steam to completely escape before opening pressure cooker.  


Step 4 

Drain peanuts and enjoy warm or allow to cool before serving.  

Nutrition per serving: