What Fuels Us

Why Do We Grow?

Sensei Farms grows to inspire wellness. We are bringing the world back to the kitchen table for a nutritious, delicious, locally harvested meal.

Imagine a world where all have access to the highest quality produce, sustainably grown and picked at the peak of freshness. At Sensei Farms, we are on a journey to make that vision a reality and secure a better food future for all. While our roots are in Lana’i, we will plant ourselves globally and bring trustworthy, consistent, healthy food to people all over the world. Start local, grow global.


Growing the Most Beautiful and Luscious Foods

Sensei Farms’ produce is packed with nutrition and flavor in every single mouthwatering bite. We cultivate our food indoors hydroponically - so we can carefully nourish each plant with the nutrients it needs

While we currently grow in greenhouses, we are form factor agnostic, and will grow plants in whichever environment is best for each crop. Our sustainable, innovative growing techniques allow us to grow 365 day per year and harvest our produce - from perfect heads of lettuce to tomatoes fresh off the vine - just-in-time maintaining their peak nutritional value.

Food does not just sustain people; it improves people’s lives.

Check out some of our masterpieces below and begin your voyage towards improved health and wellness through food.

Glorious Greens

Totally Tomatoes

Growing the perfect tomato

More beautiful and luscious produce are on the way. We are growing new plants and developing better products every day! Check back often for updates and limited-time offerings.

Locally Grown!

Where Do We Grow?

Locally Grown & Proud of it

At Sensei Farms we live the spirit of aloha every day, growing clean, bountiful produce on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Lana’i.

Our hyperlocal produce is grown and cultivated within steps, not miles, from your table, so that at the point of consumption each crop maintains its ideal nutrient content. Our six solar-powered greenhouses on Lana’i, each 20,000 square feet and are nestled between dramatic coastal cliffs and crashing Pacific tides. Together these greenhouses can produce over a million pounds of produce per year. We aim to take our learnings from this pilot location around the world. Check back to see where our journey takes us next.

Our Amazing Team

The Modern Day Farmer

We are students, teachers, chefs and scientists. We are dietitians, technologists, entrepreneurs and physicians. We are parents, grandparents, children and siblings. We are multinational, multilingual and passionate stewards of the earth. We celebrate and embrace our differences and cherish our similarities. We are modern day farmers.

The Sensei Farms ohana is committed to an environment of collaboration, growth and responsibility. We offer all of our employees exceptional benefits and full-time employment year round. Would you like to join our journey to feed the planet? Then Sensei Farms is the place for you